Garden wisdom from deer country!

Gardening in the Sierra Foothills with Carolyn Singer

Are you planning a garden before your house has been built? Have you just purchased an old garden you would like to renovate? Or would you like specific advice on your own gardening needs, to get the most out of your gardening investment? If so, you could greatly benefit from a landscaping consultation. Carolyn's fee is $75/hour with a 2-hour minimum. Consider these situations where a two to three hour consultation might be all you need:

  • planning a landscape in deer country

  • creating an artistic and pleasing vegetable & herb garden

  • creating fruit orchards, including berries & grapes

  • edible gardens within the larger landscape

  • locating the best garden sites before construction

  • erosion control & revegetation

  • water-efficient landscaping, including natives & appropriate Mediterraneans

  • evaluating land for gardening before purchase

  • planning a small business growing a crop on your land

  • addressing problem areas with definitive solutions

  • siting primary plantings (trees, shrubs) with flags

  • planting privacy screens and "hedgerows"

  • planning for more wildlife (birds, butterflies, bees, and beneficial insects)

  • planning a children's play area

  • defining paths and walkways

  • planning grading and retaining walls

  • identifying and caring for plants in an old garden

  • establishing priorities that work for the gardener and budget

  • defining garden rooms in a new or old garden

  • restoring or redefining an old garden without damaging its beauty

  • therapeutic & wheelchair accessible gardens

  • fragrant gardens

  • gardens for gardeners with special physical needs

  • learning to prune your fruit trees, grapes, berries

  • facilitating a work plan with contractors or labor (tractor, irrigation, landscaper)

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